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    Guilty Simpson & Gensu Dean - EGO (LP - Swirling Envy Edition)

    01. EGO
    02. Don’t Pull
    03. Break’em Off
    04. Could’ve Been
    05. Deep Breath (feat. MarvWon & Black Milk)
    06. Smash (vinyl bonus track)
    07. Talk to Me
    08. Hating (feat. Skyzoo)
    09. Dead Breathing
    10. Only
    11. You’re The One (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
    12. Right Mind (feat. Yarbrough)
    13. Cohiba Smoke

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EGO 01:33
1st of all rest in peace to sean price & dilla A lot of records all filler I black for the gold like the steelers My squad might pillage through ya villa 10 killers in chinchillas I been iller yall trap? Well give it up Your o lines shaky sacks are given up Welcome to the den of destruction Radical repercussions of a rough pen
Don't Pull 03:38
Hate is a strong word I’m taking the long Way was told that short works me on a wrong day means you gone pay fuck is you gone say Fuck is you gone do? You playing the wrong you!4 Dead the act fam I’m on stack plans Spray out packed vans straight out the Mach cans punch with the crap hand Naturals all night scrappy dog fight Captain talk right8 up the ante on em Squeeze the hammer on em hot like California hot like fam warring make my own rules Raised off soul food made off so smooth When that doughs due We need that bread broke or that lead smokes We don’t fed quote we keep what’s said low We keep what’s said quiet fuck the fedderales Ain’t shit said about it wrap your head around it get found dead about it we forever bout it don’t you ever doubt it I’m 1 of 1 made tryin to get dumb paid Trying to get cashed out I might spazz out My city’s a mad house back in the old days When I had no Grey’s I took that fast route Raised with thorough cats made with murder rap make that birdie bath cash and hurry back Out of the frontline cluttered with gun crime run up and slump time in daylight sunshine Made out just fine the city that shaped me Also raised me and made me crazy Save the babies show em plan B Something they can be raise a family Raised the toast glass I prayed it gone last Made the dough fast and paid the toll cash So the flows brash articulate timing Villainous times 10 tucking your pride in Hustled to dine in hustled to dine out I don’t fly em out I duck em and hideout puffing the vine out doubled the grind count I make my amount til I’m on timeout And I won’t tire out
Break'em Off 03:01
Mighty money power of the coin Got her with friend trying join The root of it all Trying ball In a cell the size of a bathroom stall trying to call The chance you take Is worth more than them grands you make When you traded in your friends and they hand you snakes Such a dirty dirty game When the 30 30 bang Cause the younger 1s will hurt you for the fame came To break you off Break em off!!! I Cracked to Tito’s Laughing @ you wanna be Ninos Living it up counting C Notes I’ve been told my shits Primo sure to make Me Mo paper to stack til I’m finito Trying my best to keep people away from me So I invest faithfully and still keep those that take from me but they never made a way for me On their toes so I break em off Break em off!! Yeah It’s for the authentic That’s down to joint fight without a dog in it We can’t afford a lost minute friend or foe let a brother know it’s hard to tell If the other ones really regard you Well I don’t lose sleep worried about it In an era where they put more worth in an outfit and where your house sits It’s sad cause it’s a lot of suckers sitting on cash And a lot of real ones are sitting on bad you never know That why I make moves with a set of goals That my enemies will never know Silence is how you stay ahead of those so we break em off Break em off!!
No I’m not the laughing stock Pass the clock picking @ the master lock That’s On my brain telling my gains don’t warrant any recognition playing the blame game 4 Pointing @ myself in the mirror I Breathed on it and wiped to see a little clearer fuck you doing bro? Pep talking myself to hit the studio and do a show 8 the passion left when Ruck died Fuck why? Stuff gotta go like this trust I’ve had My fair share of losses I hear em talkin Til stuff got awkward 12 keep ya pity Assumptions don’t seem to fit me lesser men have keys to cities Maintaining integrity in the fakest part of the industy full of silly Mes 16 Amounting to a hill of beans being spilled by a crooked friend story of a could’ve been No matter the context you put it in it’s wrong So when I’m gone play all my songs Take you favorite vice of choice and get it on 1 for ya boy in a time they come for ya joy Let em know you’re really happy And suddenly they’re feeling aggy Coulda beens When I’ve done my rounds I’ll burn a strain with ya It’s feeling like a game winner2 Defeated the odds thanked God for Blessings received naysayers pressing the keys4 Online attacking those checking for me While I win consecutively It’s Nothing to giant they’re hurt that I’ll never be compliant my own truth filled me with defiance 8 Living with being over looked long as I’m over booked I still get plates I know the cook They still hate I know the look all too well On this long dark walk through hell12 The air is filled with Chem trails as I exhale Brand new day copped a brand new K For those acting funny over rap money and treating me in a brand new way16 Like me going for mines took away the shine So I move like denial took a day of mines And since I can’t get it back I’m going twice as hard every time I write these bars20 Express with no life regard not even for my own Beware when you see me in my zone Cause I’m known to keep it on me Im here for my people only leave me alone The Coulda beens
Guilty simpson Marv one black milk Gensu Dean Check!!I don’t know how this game works Chicken or the egg which came 1st The frame work of the great 1 You can’t perp you might get boo’d while you say ya verse 4 It’s not for the faint of heart I play it smart bonded by something you couldn’t break apart (never!) Always been a smooth 1 back when I was young they cut me paper hearts8 Now I get the real 1s I’m the type you don’t steal from Or I’m walking you down and breaking you up It Don’t make sense? make it enough12 Tally that up caddy lac truck Headed somewhere I travel too much I give thanks that I live great African cichlids of the fish tank 16 It’s plenty in it if you figure different Still I got the save like I’m penny pinching @ the suite I took her to head to skinny dipping That how you school her women’s intuition guilt! Marv one What what what up Hey look I wanna welcome you to the show where everybody’s a killer, Nickel and dime-Ing everybody’s a dealer They make beats and rhyme and everybody’s a Dilla, The jails stay full so everybody’s a squealer The Tires squeal and everybody’s a Peeler Group of stand up niggaz and everybody’s a pillar We statues out here get it clappin out fear Pop fly in our field don’t let us catch you out here Cause nigga now the game ain’t friendly and I’m a make you pay for the pain they sent me It bang cause the thang ain’t empty The streets make monsters its fangs is in me Your blood stains they tempt me Now look you’re dealing with a damn murderer who gets stripes over beef like the ham burglar-er We are nowhere near the same my fans ain’t never heard of ya How has this not occurred to ya? That this a courtesy plus the ones you call big dogs they curs to me they differ to me wait on the word from me Boy & if you ain’t patient you better learn to be or end up in emergency it’s Marvin Black milk Yeah! Back when you sat in that backseat back when your luck wouldn’t last bad knuckles was ashy, Fist balled wishing you was ballin badly Learned with the cash gotta ball hog no passing Ask me to go and get the bag say gladly Done always had a will to get bank like Ashley Near poor niggaz pour liquor but more less I watched dreams thats never left porch steps Died in the dirt smile to a smirk Black ski mask black gloves black tire marks That’ll paint the ground from the skrrrt!! Rounds through his shirt sounds I know all too well Street violence cops hit you with the “please do tell” Keep silence pray for it all You trying to find a way to get away from it all living it out Figured it out now we flying direct to grab checks bigger amounts so pull a plate up Everybody eats entrées from the waiter champagne in the air toast up now it’s palm trees year around I rarely see the cold months from where they blow guns while they blow blunts Detroit
Talk To Me (free) 03:47
Yeah Take your time young man all money ain’t good hope you understand Them killers ain’t playing they’ll put you in the sand over a couple grand The day grew long the nights moved fast over that quick cash Another 1 passed gun blast I hope this beef won’t last Never ending cycle used to play together now they’re rivals Homicide moves where they slide cruise looking for a title It’s gotta be another way to make it out don’t let them sway your doubt Don’t be that bad news tossed out on the paper route Talk to me talk to me talk to me ! You can’t get it all over night you gotta work for it You get gain through pain It’s worth more when you hurt for it Yeah the struggle got a beauty to it It builds character cherish it Anytime you can live and learn you should carry it Experience is a tutor and I’m a student to the game when I experienced heart ache Shit it never was the same You put yourself in harms way just to get a name? Id rather watch the day go feeling strange off strains Talk to me talk to me talk to me
Hating (feat. Skyzoo) (free) 03:35
Bitch I ain’t gotta like ya shit fuck y’all When I kick your door show us the drugs dog You remind me of that other rapper I Make you taste your own blood when I knuckle slap ya They said I’m old and washed up But I’m still cold and knotted up They Acting like we die in numerical order I’m some where smoking quarters Across water Bora Bora My aura is a scorer peace to my supporters Street court and I’m my own lawyer Mic destroyer, you clowns better get life in order profound sound tight performer I respond to hate mail with AK shells I bet a wager that your lady wouldn’t take it well I put a laser on your face before I make it hail You clowns scared to break nail I hate you!! Parden the weight gain but I don’t weight train And still hit like a freight train It’s no coincidence when I got on that’s when the hate came So I whip ass and take names You clowns whisper better than them ying yang twins playing in a game you can’t win Snake oil salesmen with your made up facade I’ll slap juice outcha a whole Duece outcha You must do powder high Trying to try the slyest guy This side of MI the Inf eye of the storm Will light up your form knock your physical off track I see y’all squares are soft pack You better get on when I’m off that Original shit they’re all hacks Back to work the Boss back I need a 10 piece all flats
(I don’t wanna hurt no more don’t wanna do this dirt no more) A coward dies a thousand times Somehow the lies cloud your mind Think smarter street author What I’ve seen makes me drink harder4 I got it when I don’t need it I’m copping for the whole season We only live once right Idiots get the dunce treatment 8 Melanin that the sun seasoned Grub @ the lunch meetings I’m fly exemplified they need a dose And coast on the high that the pen prescribed12 I’m like revenge denied the get back that you can’t get the hit man that you can’t hit distinguished yet ignorant to my genius16 Well aware that they’re probably scheming So I watch the company I’m keeping Meditate to keep away the demons Everyday they’re giving me a reason to the leave em dead breathin I don’t wanna hurt no more don’t wanna do this dirt no more
Only 03:33 video
Yeah uh I can see the future Every time look @ you I see through ya And catch that inner light the 1 one you try to hide To show off your fighter side You can’t fool me tho On film like the Truman show You showed me all your fantasies and the moves you know Well prepared with room to grow 8 Learn and teach more than a bird & beak I’m intrigued by words you speak your choice selection No need to voice discretion Shit I’m here all this week I’m Here all month I’m here all year Shit a lifetime I love the way your light shines Bright enough to make eyes blind Aged like wine fine16 The years have been kind to ya All real I can see the line through ya When I hold you against that light good night Don’t waste none times moving You’re the 1 Im glad to know fasho fasho You’re the 1 I got to know fasho Yeah I can see the present ready to unwrap your designer dressin No stressin so let’s paint the town Let a real 1 take you out 4 See what the city has to offer Show you I’m not much of a talker Now Hop in my flying saucer tell your friends sayonara we outta here MIA without a care 8 My lady we took those vows And After all these years the fires still lit somehow 10 And I’m thankful you’re the 1 I got to know still got style to stop the show12 I wish that I could take that good shit with me when I’m gone I made ya promise that cha never leaving me alone I saved ya picture while ya calling on my telephone She taking care of home while I’m out here selling songs The years have been kind to ya All real I can see the line through ya When I hold you against that light good night Don’t waste none times moving You’re the 1 I’m glad to know fasho fasho You’re the one I got to know fasho
Steady rain the drizzle intensifies Meanwhile street feuds began to rise Tension amongst men with kin who ride Then friends spin within enemy lines Then again seems like infinity times Back and forth til more of the enemy dies You can see the last breath in the wintery skies You can tell that stress can trigger a mind Living Hell load shells and trigger a mind suicide everyone else figured it’s fine Do or die where death can hemi your drive On the wrong road chasing the women and shine Got a strong hold over the killings and crime With the wrong code you can just feel it inside Never ending cycle where the innocent cries Steady rain the drizzle intensifies It’s like the night time took my people out they right mind I poured one on the curb for those thats gone I rolled one 1 @ the crib and smoked alone No respect for the ones that broke the code I say a prayer for the ones theyre rolling on It hurts more than a wound or broken bone It’s gets dirty in the Detroit and you don’t belong Some know all the words and quote your song Same ones will kick your door with smoking chrome Broken souls raised up in broken homes Broken oaths left them broke and Bold Unsolved when the shit got old and cold Unresolved then they come slow your role No talking outta this if you owe you owe Retaliation dumped in a whole below That’s how it is @ the crib when you’re wrong you’re wrong poured one on the curb for those that’s gone
Cohiba Smoke 04:18
You ain’t even close did you see a ghost ?heater roast a hater like Cohiba smoke 2 Pay the fee I quote or receive a nope Before you see me broke I’ll get a ki of coke4 Never did I wish em nothing but the best Yet they wanna bring me death Bet. 2 can play that but when we spray back somebody lay flat 8 flatter than that joint you dropped please stop you funny fam They say they want to dance I make em running man the terror alert rose Grind mode double my work load You’d rather make a cut on turf toe12 They want me me outta the paint not in the ranks instead of reppin clocking my bank That’s why I love this shit I don’t care how many drugs you flipped16 Uh listen They used to say my action was that of a savage By the way I used to manage collateral damage It’s just a part of the game Where hustlers put they heart on a chain And die for it 20 On this side it’s storming My size 12s still slide in Jordan’s And Air Max’s death is imminent like Taxes In the cold with wet matches dying slow dough got low he friend an O And jumped started the grassroots where they grab loot shoot anybody that they don’t know The field Where the vest is your shield And pillow talking could get you killed So we build and move on motion not emotion is the key but you ain’t hear the shit from me roll up fam........ Yeah All I’m seeing is phony Montana’s Get pinched and everybody gone go to the slammer Made a killing in the ghetto soon as they get behind metal they’re with the people singing falsetto 4 so I don’t wanna hear ya coke stories, my young scorers putting up 40 It’s obvious you clowns are victims Pick 1, It’s like ya shooters need glasses thick 1s8 If I spin your block it’s guaranteed score target only Cartridge on me your guards should know me10 She said my past makes it hard to hold me I felt that Scared straight couldn’t help that I don’t talk rap they’re all below me They say that talk puts a target on me I tell em don’t miss please Or I’m back to tame these pussies like Sigfried The Big league what it is over here don’t make me leak your wig on your gear That’s what it’s gone be when I close lids over tears You suckas got picked on for years Roll up fam


released October 8, 2021

All songs performed by Guilty Simpson
All songs produced by Gensu Dean

Recorded by Geno Xo
Mixed by Parks for Parks Music
Mastered by Jimi Bowman for Klearlight Studios

Cover art designed by Grace Adell
Graphic design by Austin Hart

Executive produced by Michael Tolle
Mello Music Group 2021
Sounds Beautiful Like the Truth


all rights reserved



Gensu Dean Austin, Texas

SP1200 & MPC3000 producer. Crate digger.

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